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Tantra and Tantra massage for women, men and couples in Basel / Switzerland

For us, Brigitta and Manu, personally and particularly in the context of our work with Tantric Massage, tantra represents an interweaving of sensuality, eroticism and spirituality. Tantra affirms sexuality as a natural part of life, infusing daily life with vitality and a passion for living.

The fundamental human desire to experience personal intimacy, to be touched and to be fully accepted as a whole being is present in all of us.

Away from the hectic pace of daily life, we welcome you into our tastefully designed rooms - into a real oasis of calm. This secure environment will allow you to enjoy our massages in perfect relaxation.

We enable women, men and couples to experience their sensuality and sexuality in a dignified way whilst at the same time connecting with their own inner self.

We accompany you on your sensual journey with our fully committed presence and our love for people. An environment of mutual respect and consideration of boundaries on both sides typifies the whole experience.

Massages and Seminars for couples

As life partners, we Brigitta and Manu specialize in working with couples in our massage practice in Basel and offer you Tantric Massage rituals and seminars specially for couples.

As a couple, you have the chance to discover a deeper dimension to the sensual and erotic side of your life, to grow together and to deepen your love.

In our seminars for couples, we cater for the whole range of needs for development and growth by emphasizing different topics such as trustful intimacy, sensuality, eroticism and sexuality to suit each couple. Furthermore, we help you to integrate the experiences you have in our seminars into daily life, enabling you to create a more fulfilling loving relationship in your life together.

We are genuine in everything we do: we also respect and consider both your and our boundaries.

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