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Scheduled date for a special experience in Basel

Daily dates are available from 10.00 - 21.00. To arrange a date, please phone us. Scheduled dates or confirmation of dates can also be sent by e-mail.

To be sure of getting the date you would like, we advise you to phone us two days in advance to make arrangements. Dates are of course also available at short notice.

Tel. no. in Switzerland: 0041 (0) 61 302 41 84
E-mail: info@manumagic.de

Address: Wanderstrasse 77, 4054 Basel
(Dates only available by booking in advance by telephone)

Time required: Make sure to allow for approx. 60 mins in addition to the advertised duration of your massage to enable you to enjoy the relaxation time afterwards.

To prevent any misunderstanding, we would like to point out at this stage that our massage services do not, in any form whatsoever, constitute prostitution. You are in a receptive, passive role and can remain completely within yourself, within your senses and enjoy the experience while we lead the massage.

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