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About Us - Team

Manumagic Tantra Massage - Basel - Manu und BrigittaWe, Manu and Brigitta run our practice ‘Manumagic’ together as life partners, and offer you an oasis of calm, acceptance and deep encounter.

We support people by creating a space where they can experience their sensuality and sexuality in a safe and dignified way. The intention behind our work is to contribute towards the healing and cultivation of sexuality.

We accompany them with Tantra massage, Sexological Bodywork and Sexual Counciling and invite them to rediscover and unfold their potential.

Because we would always like to develop and improve our work and us personally,  we have an open ear for your suggestions and your criticism. Please give us your feedback.

Nora - ManuMagicNora - Tantramassage Practitioner

It is my vision and my passion to enable people to live their potential and vitality. Though erotic sensual touch I  awake your body with care and you may completely surrender to your own sensations, relaxing in my hands.

This allows you to be in a deeper connection with yourself and to experience your sexual energy and your life force in new dimensions.

Thus each massage becomes a unique sensual adventure.

Tair - ManuMagicTair - Tantramassage Practitioner

Through the search of my own spirituality I have come to learn about Tantra massage. I love to touch people deeply with my hands with a quality of touch that originates from the heart. I like authentic people and authentic moments, so I can accompany them with this holistic concept.

I believe that our quality of life is determined by the ability to access and express our own physical well-being and our sexuality.

To share small moments of eternity and find silence. Is there something more powerful, than to be linked with our own sense of aliveness? Everybody is invited to dive into this realm between sky and earth, to be amazed and to enjoy. For me a massage has succeeded when it feels like vacation.


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